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About Aider

Aider Logo PRIMARY-01.jpg is a digital business assistant for small business owners to help them make smarter decisions. Using the latest in AI technology, Aider uses data from cloud-based business apps and among many other things, enables business owners to ask questions and get real-time answers about their business.

Think Siri but for small business owners!


The Challenge

Aider tasked us with managing their digital channels and creating a conversion funnel to get more people to download the Aider app. Being a start-up, Aider had next-to-no awareness in the market.

We needed to educate our audiences about a solution they didn’t know existed!

The Solution

Aider needed a fully integrated campaign approach consisting of content campaigns, social media marketing, search ads, display banners, app store ads and more.

We needed to keep campaigns as simple as possible. What was Aider and how could it help small business owners?


The Results

Our integrated campaign effort included content across Facebook, Instagram, Google Network and the App Store. Using Facebook Ads alone, we reached 102,814 unique people and 1,395 website visits in just 3 months, educating them about Aider’s unique offering.

Our results across Paid Search included 2,856 link clicks at an average CPC of just $1.24. Our Paid Display efforts produced 1,150 clicks at just $0.28 per click.

The iOS App Store was our champion for producing app installs. In little over a month and with less than $60 total budget, we were able to get 12 app installs at a conversion rate of 28.57%.


App Installs

As mentioned above, App Store Ads was our highest converting and most cost-effective channel for app downloads. It produced 12 downloads at less than $7 per CPA. (Australia drove this number up considerably).

Facebook Ads generated 6 installs directly and we also found success from referrals and channel partner landing pages. Overall, in just over 3-months we were able to help Aider from zero users to 80+.