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About Avodah HR

Avodah HR is an agency specialising in flexible HR services for small businesses, HR professionals and NGOs.

Avodah was born with the spirit to serve, but also to challenge outdated models and lacklustre results.

With both public and private sector experience, Avodah offer the complete suite of HR services including employment relations, compliance, recruitment and much more.


Brand & Site Development

When Chris first approached us. Avodah HR was still in its early stages. We needed to take Chris’ vision and bring it to life with a brand that reflected the meaning behind the name (Avodah stands for ‘work & service’), and his desire to offer flexibility and to serve both people and their respective organisations.

With a brand identity established, we jumped into designing a simple site with an easy user-experience and a clear message: HR your way (a mantra communicating a new flexible way of doing HR).


Website Traffic

With the site built, we needed to start generating traffic so we could get some initial data and begin testing our buyer journeys.

Using a combination of Google Ads and search engine optimisation, we were able to go from zero traffic to an average of 333 unique users per month in 90 days.


Lead Generation

Our first campaign was about providing valuable and timely information (due to legislative changes) in exchange for an email address. This was so we could start building up an email database to use for later campaigns.

In just over a month, our content campaign generated 16 new leads and our Google Ads campaigns produced a high value retainer client.