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LIFE TV is a media broadcaster producing inspirational content for audiences in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Indonesia, England, Canada and the USA. They produce videos dealing with tough subjects such as failure, relationships. conflict, substance abuse and much more.

In 2018 the Communications Manager approached us with the task of helping transition LIFE TV from being largely television-based to a ‘digital-first’ approach.

Our goals were to boost followers across their social media accounts, increase social engagement and brand awareness across the board.


Social Followers

In six months we’ve increased LIFE’s social followers by the following:

Facebook followers: 3,617 total (+606)

Instagram followers 634 total (+89)

YouTube subscribers 389 total (+249)

Total Audience Increase: 944


Social Engagement

In the six months that we’ve worked with LIFE TV to date, on average engagement levels on Facebook have increased by 19% per month. That includes more reactions, comments and shares month-on-month.

On YouTube video views increased on average by 11% per month. On Instagram, engagement rates remained consistent throughout the current six month period.


Website Traffic

In six months we increased traffic to the site by 2,957 unique visitors using a combination of organic Facebook and Instagram posts in combination with Facebook and Google Ads.