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About Selector


Selector are an Auckland-based company with over 20 years experience in developing modern psychometrics. Their online personality testing and consulting services are highly regarded amongst HR and recruitment professionals.


Branding & Logo Design

We were tasked with rebranding Selector from the ground up. That meant starting with a fresh palate, logo, fonts. . . everything. We’re always excited when we are given the privilege of creating a new brand or refreshing an existing one.

We believe every brand should have a story behind it; some meaning for both the business and their customers. For Selector, it was about professionalism, expertise and illustrating a sense of fun.

Reflecting upon these brand values, we picked bright and fresh colours such as purple, orange and grey. The final logo design tells the story of a small business owner who uses Selector to find the perfect employee, illustrated by the ‘expertise’ of the purple bullseye.


Brochure and Report Design

Personality and skills-based reports are key to Selector’s business. As part of the rebranding, we needed to design and produce reports using the new brand guidelines.

We created three new templates reflecting the brand colours and incorporating shapes such as circles and bars reflecting an interesting way of presenting graphs and assessment metrics.

The design on the right is the front cover of one of the brochures we produced for Selector.


Website Design

Naturally, we were also tasked with designing Selector’s new website. As you can see we created a clean design with a simple user experience that incorporated the same shapes seen throughout the new branding.

The goal for the new website was to make it easy for users to contact Selector and access the online assessment portal.