About Us



Blue Eye Deer was born from ‘big picture thinking’ and blue ocean strategy. Having a naturally inquisitive mind, Nick our founder wanted to explore how he could combine the principles of design thinking with digital execution.

From riding waves to making waves, Blue Eye Deer has evolved into a team of driven marketers, designers and developers. An agency that thinks differently and understands the changing demands of digital, data and branding.

Today, we combine magic and logic to help businesses transform their marketing challenges into business results.

what we believe

We believe that a strong culture drives high performance (it’s backed up by research you know). At Blue Eye Deer, our culture is founded on genuine people, big ideas and excellent execution.

We look after our clients as if we were one big team. We truly are passionate about the businesses we work with. Therefore, you know that we’re going to give everything to make marketing magic happen in your business.

By combining business logic with marketing magic, we can help you turn your marketing challenges into business results.

Our Values

There are three core ideals that govern the way we do things at Blue Eye Deer. These principles have been with us from the beginning and drive everything we do.    


“It’s not ‘us versus them’ or even ‘us on behalf of them.’ For a design thinker it has to be ‘us with them’”
— Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO

Being design-led is about putting the user at the centre of your business. We embrace the design thinking approach to truly understand the individuals who use your product or service. Using this deep understanding of the user, we can design the necessary strategies or experiences that best meet their needs.

Similarly, once users are clearly defined, then the approach shifts to adapting as your users' needs change. Being design-led requires a highly collaborative working approach and one that always has the needs of the end-user in mind.

All of these characteristics form an integral part of our values at Blue Eye Deer.

Craft with love

Plain and simply this is about doing things for you as if they were our own. To do everything with the utmost respect and to deliver solutions to our clients by understanding their needs and truly treating them as collaborators in all that we do.

Excellence in execution

Excellence in execution is about doing everything to a high standard, working efficiently and in the best interests of our clients. It's not about perfection; for us perfection assumes that there is an end-goal set in concrete. However, we strongly believe in being flexible and dynamic in approach, allowing for alternative possibilities and directions for your brand or company.

Aiming for perfection stunts this thinking. Instead, seeking excellence in execution allows us to deliver expertise while keeping things moving in line with the constant flux of change inherent in businesses today.