3 strategy questions to create quick wins for your customer

As marketers our job is to direct our customers through the awareness, consideration and decision phases of a marketing funnel. We're tasked with creating the experience along this buying journey making sure the customer loves us each and every step of the way, right!

Sometimes the start of this journey and challenge is based on what's previously worked and too often in business and strategy we're too quick to jump to solutions. It's just the way we're wired, it's heuristics, it's simple? Its not you it's me...whoops different conversation for sec.

So how do we reframe our thinking as we start to create these buyer journeys. Here's 3 quick tips to get the thinking started.

1. Define the user / customer / {insert your customer name here}

Call it archityping, persona building and any variation there of, but if you don't clearly define who you customer is you won't know what marketing to initiate to which customer for what purpose.

Importantly defining the persona of the user can be a transferrable idea right through your business. So if it's packing boxes in the warehouse or flipping burgers at your local - having an identifiable persona can help adjust internal behaviour to meet your clients persona. As an example, lets say Tom is a persona, then your business, meaning staff - can actively identify Tom, his likes and that what they might do for him can make a difference to Tom in the way they might serve him, address him or fundamentally meet his needs.

There are a bunch of resources to help support developing a persona just reach out to us and we'll send these through.

2. Define the need

See the girl in the image here, say she was a persona, how would you define her need?


Guaranteed, you've said a chair, a ladder perhaps, a book or maybe someone to help. While all possible solutions for her to get a book off the book shelf, it does not adequately define her need, does it? More importantly those solutions straight away hinder the possibility of thinking more openly about potential solutions.

Now, if we suggest that her need in this context is a verb, more specifically we'd suggest that her actual need is to reach. So with this in mind, how might we then help her reach?

Straight away this opens up the possibility of thinking more broadly about solutions. For example we could suggest that to help her reach we could give her rocket powered shoes? Extendible arms? Child friendlier bookshelves and the list could go on!

Another way of thinking about this is what is the job your persona is expecting you to do for them.

So, what is the verb that you're solving for your customer?

3. Define the goal

Now that you've defined your persona and identified their need, you can define what the goal is both for you and for them. Is it for them to make a purchase, take an action or something else? And you? What's your ideal goal?

Once you have the destination in mind you can then start to create targeted communications for your persona(s) through each of the buyer journey stages. Leading them to a goal that meets their need and makes you money or what you've set as your goal.

Primarily you're asking the question - What will success look like? All the while keeping context for Mrs. Persona and your organisation.

OK! Sorted you've got something to get you started on that strategy conversation, right?

There's some handy tools to support these questions so get in touch with us and we'll make these available.