[CASE STUDY] Simon Lucas North Shore

Simon Lucas North Shore wanted to increase brand awareness, humanise their brand and generate leads. They approached Blue Eye Deer to do just that. In order to achieve these business objectives, Simon Lucas North Shore worked with Blue Eye Deer to create a series of videos.

We recently sat down with Madalina Nita who is the Marketing Manager at Simon Lucas North Shore to discuss how the video campaign played out. 


Why did you want to create video content? 

"We have found that our prospects do their research online first before they visit a dealership. We wanted to make sure that our website and social media pages offered the right information and in the format they want."

"Video is a great way to easily digest information and it was quick and easy to set-up. We are here to help our customers and meet their needs. So this is why we decided to start creating our own videos to spread awareness and explain what we do."

What were you hoping to achieve?

"First-of-all, we created videos that help us to demonstrate and explain new vehicle features to new customers in a more efficient, comfortable and less time consuming way. This has helped us to reduce our new vehicle handover time by 75% which is a great achievement that benefits both our customers and employees."

"We also created videos to target potential customers and offer a different kind of information, related to vehicle benefits and limited time offers. These videos have been used in a number of ways - from video ads on different platforms to landing pages on our website, which is a fabulous proof of how versatile video content is." 

What are the results so far?

"The results after only a couple of months are very good and we are proud of our work. They have encouraged us to continue with video content creation. Our engagement time has more than doubled and our prospects now spend on average almost 46% longer on our landing pages."

"In the last weeks of June we released and boosted our first video on Facebook. Our reports show an immense increase in engagement with over 25,000 views and 7,000 minutes watched."

How did you find working with Blue Eye Deer? 

"Working with Melissa and the team was extremely easy from the initial brief to the final product. Her digital marketing knowledge and experience made the whole process go fast and run smoothly, which is a real blessing given a marketers' busy schedule."

"The quality of the videos were top notch and they are also bringing in great results in terms of traffic and engagement, so we truly believe that our budget was well spent."