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Video SEO: How to optimise for YouTube & Google

Video SEO: How to optimise for YouTube & Google

Get your videos found.

Why is video SEO such a big deal? Because it can cost you far more to promote a video for highly competitive keywords than it does to create the video in the first place. Yes, you heard me.

Ranking for competitive keywords will cost you an arm, a leg and goodness knows what else?

And chances are that you don’t have an unlimited budget... so the question is:

How do you optimise your videos for search engines without having to sell your kidney?

The video creation process for marketers

The video creation process for marketers

Creating videos is easier when you keep to a process.

Attention and engagement is harder to achieve than ever before. For marketers, this is a big challenge.

We recently ranked the 3 must-have content types in 2017, and videos came in first for effectiveness. This is because visual content is more important than ever.

Every day, over 3 billion images are shared on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. On Facebook, 9 billion videos are shared every day; on Snapchat, 10 billion daily and on Instagram, video content continues to increase at impressive rates.

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