[VIDEO] Artificial Intelligence: The past, the present, the future?


How would you explain artificial intelligence? 

Technology that enables machines to do a job that humans would normally have to do. Just like how humans have the capacity to learn; with AI, machines can also be programmed to learn and get better at given tasks.

What are some of the lesser known applications of AI? 

  • Netflix movie suggestions

  • Spotify music suggestions

  • Facebook's timeline algorithm

  • Google's SERP ranking

  • Auto chatbots

  • Gmail Autoresponder

Should we be concerned about AI replacing jobs?

It's not so much about machines replacing humans; it's more about how machines and humans can work together. Jobs have and always will change and evolve as the market and technology demands it. Humans will have to adapt as AI technology improves and is adopted in new industries and for new applications. 

What are some of the applications for marketers? 

  • Interpreting video content

  • Understanding unstructured data

  • Marketing automation

  • Personalised advertising

  • Automated content creation

What are the next steps for marketers? 

IBM, Google and Amazon have their own AI interfaces. IBM also encourages users to adapt their various AI technologies to meet unique challenges and for new applications. On the other-hand, Google has AI Experiments which could be a fun starting point for those new to artificial intelligence.  

If you are considering using AI, ask yourself these questions:

What question are you trying to answer?
What problem are you hoping to solve? 

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