[VIDEO] How is branding like cattle?


What is your definition of branding?

Branding is not a logo. It's the tone-of-voice, colours, visual elements and the sum of all parts. It's everything that differentiates and visually represents an organisation. 

Why is it so important to get right?

Brand value can be a powerful asset in itself. It's an intangible asset, but brands such as Apple are worth $170 billion for their brand alone. It enables Apple to be able to differentiate and price themselves well above their competitors such as Samsung. 

If you are creating a new brand, what is required? 

1) Conduct a brand audit 

2) Develop a unique value proposition 

3) Develop creative elements eg. fonts, colour palettes etc. 

4) Establish brand strategy

5) Review, analyse and test brand strategy

What are the key questions that you need to ask?

- What does the brand mean?

- How does the brand sound (tone)?

- What is the brand's mission (purpose)?

- How does the brand communicate? 

How can you ensure that your brand is consistently communicated? 

Develop brand guidelines that internal and external stakeholders can use to communicate a consistent representation of the brand. 

Who are your top 5 brands in the world right now? 

1) Virgin

2) Coca-Cola

3) Under Armour

4) Tom Shoes 

5) Blue Eye Deer

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