[VIDEO] Marketing automation and personalisation?


What is marketing automation? 

A set of processes that perform various marketing functions so that humans don't have to. Some of the main benefits of using marketing automation include saving time, energy and resources.

What are some of the different functions of marketing automation? 

Being able to create dynamic content such as emails, workflows, smart lists, offers, landing pages and CTAs. More importantly, matching the right types of content with the right users. 

What the main benefits of personalizing marketing? 

Providing relevant content and messaging. Advertising is no longer a "one to many" approach, it's a "one to one" approach. 

How is marketing automation likely to develop in the future? 

Many of the big marketing platforms are investing in machine learning and AI. Marketing automation is likely to get better, faster and smarter as machine learning gets better at understanding user habits and consumer behaviour.

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