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About FaceMe:

FaceMe is a fast-growing company in New Zealand. Recently ranked 21st in the country for the fastest revenue growth. They are an exciting company that uses artificial intelligence to create Digital Employees. Digital Employees are like virtual assistants except they are fully AI-powered and can be fully customised; from appearance, to voice and dialogue. 

They are designed to be the most natural conversational interface in the world. And if you want to take your customer service/experience to another level - talk to the friendly guys at FaceMe.

The Challenge:

Naturally, when FaceMe approached us and wanted a website built - we were excited. FaceMe are exactly the kind of clients that we love. They are innovative and on the cutting-edge of technology. We needed to create a site that showed off their innovation, ambition and use of AI. 

One of the immediate challenges, was building a homepage that clearly and succinctly explained what FaceMe does. This might sound like commonsense, but explaining the latest developments in technology can be tricky at times. Imagine trying to explain bluetooth technology to villagers in central Africa! 

The Solution:

FaceMe's CEO had a planned trip to the US. Naturally, he was desperate to have the site ready in time! We needed to develop a beautiful site, while keeping to a budget and getting it live fast. We decided to use Squarespace as our site platform. 

As we designed the homepage, we kept to a simple format: Answering the what, why, how, where and who. We like to keep it simple, and often the simplest ideas are the best! Below is what we came up with: