Digital Marketing

Let's be honest, digital marketing should really be called acronym marketing. After all we’ve got SEO, SEM, SMM, CPC and... OMG the list goes on. Thankfully we’ve used our deciphering thingymagig to become experts in acronym unbundling so you don’t have to. If you have a digital marketing need (read - I know what I want) then click the link below and we can help straight away. Or keep going to see the top 5 steps digital marketers should consider as part of a succesful digital marketing campaign.


Creating a successful digital marketing campaign really starts with a tight brief. This goes a long way to setting up your digital marketing efforts for success. Time and time again when brief’s aren’t tight they’re often open to ambiguity which as we know leads to wasted time and potential cost. 

But hey lets not focus on that but rather on how we can help you be successful. We’ve scoured the internet and here’s the 5 tips to consider when creating your digital marketing campaign.


This comes back to setting clear objectives and understanding exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. Be it brand awareness, conversion and something else.

  • Look at your past to map your future 
    Digital marketing analytics can be your best friend, if you’ve got this set up correctly you should be able to have a historical view of how your customers are engaging with your digital environment. Using proper goals and events through your digital touchpoints allows you to understand the customer journeys and even map the future ones you want to create. Keeping users happy and your bank balance flush.
  • Mimic your customer 
    What we mean by this is … well putting yourself in your customer's shoes. Understand how they talk, how they speak, and if you sell shoes how they walk, think about what they might be looking for - that way your digital marketing efforts can be more targeted. Answer their questions in their language.
  • Create your plan (& keep it flexible) 
    Once you create your plan to execute your digital marketing strategy be on the lookout for additional opitmisation opportunities. Look what’s working and boost these opportunities. By the same token, if something’s not working look at ways to improve this. Again making sure your analytics environment is optimised to measure the right things, will help in developing the appropriate optimisatons. Primarily though make a good plan, work the plan and then optimise for performance - and off course be mindful of the objectives you’re looking to achieve.
  • Making it happen 
    This involves three key considerations that being people, money and channel. So make sure you have the right team! *cough* we’re a pretty good team *cough*. Make sure your budget is realistic and also that you have the right ROI metrics set up so you know where it’s going and what return you could expect on your digital investment.

Finally it’s about the channel - remember we started talking acronym’s well don’t be overwhelmed by all these. Really it’s about having an understanding of what your trying to acheive and ensuring the channel that you adopt will deliver the outcomes you expect. For more information on each of these areas look at this article

Otherwise start the conversation with us or your agency by grabbing our handy white paper on briefing an agency.