Not all advertising is EFFECTIVE advertising.

We’ve spent our time in big global agencies, whether it’s Ogilvy & Mather,Saatchi’s or FCB and we learnt some stuff. So we thought hey, what have we really learnt. Well contrary to popular belief advertising is not filled with w@$!#$s. Some of the smartest people work in Advertising, no bull. They place a huge a amount of expectation on themselves to be innovative, ground breaking, first to market and well award winning. It’s a job that encompasses psychology, economics and everything in between. Which perhaps brings about some of this misplaced arrogance. 

While innovation and award winning might be important. At Blue Eye Deer we place value and emphasis on effectiveness. We think that while those other metrics are important. Effectiveness encompasses them while bringing into play your goals as a client and making sure you can maximize your ROI.


That being said here are 5 secrets of what makes an effective advertisement – according to Forbes – guess it’s not so secret any more huh?

  1. Make it memorable – nuff said.
  2. Make it resonate – this is about creating meaning for your user or customer. It should reverberate through the fiber of the being according to the dictionary.
  3. It should communicate how the product or service enhances their life or work, making them more productive, better, happier or more fulfilled.
  4. Stand for something more than just the product or service itself.
  5. Make sure the advertisement or campaign is inextricably linked to your brand, after all you don’t wont your competitor to be in on the campaign.

So summing up Forbes then:

“Winning brands combine powerful, meaningful, inspirational messages delivered in ways that touch their audiences, with great products and services that perform to expectations, are credible and trustworthy. Great ad campaigns are often founded on deep psychological insights.”

The execution of these brands or campaigns resonate so much with their audience that they induce what industry now calls virality. But really it’s a deeper psychological assocation to the customer. Wanting to be aligned to the ideal of what the brand promotes. This sharing and engagment in the brand then increases loyalty, goodwill and purchases ensuring a highly effective campaign.

Some brands that we like and are doing this with excellence are:


Ok, so now you know this do you feel your advertising is effective? Well maybe we can help with that, get in touch and lets see how we can help.