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We love websites and apps. They’re great as an extensions of brands or opportunities to evolve into new business ventures. The possibilities are endless. So if you have an idea or want to talk to us about your website or app idea keep reading, if you’re really keen then just drop us some info on this like below.


Ok so where were we, Apps and websites. Well there are technical conversations our team can’t wait to have. But for now we’ll keep the technodes in check (read - chained to their desk). We think website should have a job to do and a really clear job to do. But how do you know whether your design, the platform you’re using and your delivery channel are a good fit for users. Cause isn’t that why you’re building it? 

Putting your website to work and then measuring how well it’s doing it’s job is a bit of an art form. The amount of times we come across websites that don’t have a job...we’ll lets just say there would be a whole lot more unemployed websites. 

Does your website or app have a job? Do you know what is? And how do you know if or when the job has been done!


  • Do some user testing on your design. The easiest way to do this and create some tests is to get someone to look for something on your site. It should be at least a couple of layers deep so that they genuinely have to hunt for it. If it’s ecommerce store, get them to find a product and then buy it. Make sure you do it in environment that’s observable. Take notes and question the user why they took certain interactions through the website or app. 
  • Visual design is great, but don’t forget about other content and copy. Yes you’re building something for humans but nowadays we also have think about the robots. That being search engines and how they interpret the content on your site will help you rank high in search queries on Google and that other one from Microsoft. 
  • THINK MOBILE - just do it. Mobile is different so think about the use case in this space. 
  • Get your analytics right. Using analytics on your site or app should be standard, but there is so much more that you can achieve than just dropping your analytics code into your site. I mean we’re talking sales funnels, goals, ROI measurements, user behaviour and the list goes on and on, but it only works if you have the right things set up for the right reason. 
  • Audit your site at least once a year. Remember you website or app is an evolving part of your business. Alot can change in a year so make sure you audit both your content and your technical environment for speed, indexing and…..get back your desk techie! 

Well you get the picture, building a website or an app is more than just chucking something online and kapoww it’s gonna work. Taking a holistic approach to your website and assigning it a job is what we do best.

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