Content Creation

Copy writing, emails, websites, blogs posts, social posts, video content, posters, brochures, business cards and even presentations. The list goes on! These are all forms of content. Did you need any of this kind of stuff? Good news, we make a living out of developing great content! Click the button below and tell us what kind of content you want us to make for you.



Gosh… where to start… well maybe with this quote: 

“Poll your employees and create a list of common customer inquiries. Then compile the questions in a spreadsheet for your content marketing manager. The more work you do for your content, the more your content will work for you”

Let’s break this down little bit. The quote suggests asking your employees to list out the questions and inquiries your customers or potential customers are asking.

For example your company might sell bacon (mmmm bacon), you might receive questions about the welfare of the animals your bacon comes from, questions like: 

  • Are your pigs treated well, before being turned into bacon? 
  • Are your pigs injected with growth hormones? 
  • Can your pigs fly? 

The quote then tells you to pass the list onto your content marketing manager (cap tip to us), who (like us) should action the work which we now know “the more work you do for your content the more your content will work for you”…this is where that voodoo magic happens.… does that sound like something you’d like?

If you need more of an idea of what would take place during the ‘Voodoo Magic’ well this is what we do all day for our clients. To continue the example, our pig farmers customers may not be aware of the high animal welfare practices you have on the farm so, use content to tell your story. Then track how this content is performing and optimise it to make sure your message is connecting and customers are purchasing.....but wait we're getting far to ahead of oursevles. Cause there is a whole content strategy that should underpin your activity never mind the creative execution.

Why don't we continue the conversation and lets talk more content and how you're best to use it to deliver ROI.