Marketing Strategy

Ever cut a funnel in half! I know what you’re thinking, actually you’re probably a little confused. Let’s clarify. We believe all marketing efforts should lead a user/customer through a particular experience with your brand. This experience in the ‘industry’ is often referred to a sales and marketing funnel.


As marketers we’re usually responsible for creating these experiences, in particular all the experiences that sit in the top half of the funnel. If we’re good at our jobs we’ll lead users through the funnel and hand all the qualified users through to our sales team to manage conversion. Am I right or am i right? 

Well this top of the funnel can be overwhelming particularly when developing a strategy and aligning all the variables of opportunity to the objectives you’re trying to achieve. Let’s be honest it’s deer in the headlights stuff sometimes. 

But don’t worry we’ve got you supported. Here’s a list of 5 of the no1. priorities marketers like you should be thinking about. 

  • Know your customer - get into their minds and anticipate their future needs and desires
  • Look at current trends - both at a macro and micro level
  • Map your tactical opportunities through your half of the funnel
  • Work with sales on how to best hand over and manage qualified leads
  • Be SMART, set clear goals for your campaigns especially in digital where analytics can help guide your thinking and tactics

Marketing doesn’t have to be complex or scary. It’s about understanding the top of the funnel and creating the right experiences to get your customer through the funnel. Easy peasy, job done, mic drop! 

Errr….well it’s little more than that, but don’t fret we’re here to help. We’ve been doing this for a while now and can help at both a strategic and tactical level. 

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