Need Desk Space?

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We have spaces available...

We have desk-space available at our office based in Silverdale. You wont find a more creative space on the coast...

Besides desk space, we offer kitchen facilities, proximity to a plethora of eating establishments and a sense of humour... 

The successful applicant will have the following traits:

1) Thou shall clean up after thy self
2) Thou shalt not take thy self too seriously
3) Thou shall play hacky
4) Thou shall be willing to share in the daily playlist
5) Thou shall have a sense of humour
6) Thou may ignore some but not all of these commandments :D

Register your interest below. 

Or give Nick a call on 021 1258041

We are ideally looking for like minded people. So if you're in the design, web-development, tech or creative space then lets talk. Though this shouldn't put you off - we're all about the community.


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